Presentations used in the Seminar  (Click on the icon to download the presentation)

Element II - Rules and Regulations                                                                              Element II - Rules and Regulations (Compressed)   

Element III - Fundamentals of Electronics and Electricity                                       Element IV - Amateur Radio Practice   

NTC Memo Circulars, Office Orders  (Click on the icon to download the document)

MC-03-08-2012 - Revised Amateur Radio Regulations   

OO_108-12-2012 - Guidelines for the Assignment of Callsigns in the ARS   

OO_75-05-2016 - Guidelines in the Application for Amateur Radio Examination and Issuance of Amateur Radio Station License (ARSL), Radio Operator Certificate (RAOC)   

OO-183-12-2016 - Guidelines in the Additional Allocation of Prefixes in the Amateur Radio Service   

Click on the link to view the Frequency Allocations for Amateur Radio in the Philippines ==>   
Frequency Allocations

Practice Exams by 4F3EW  (Click on the icon to download the document)


Element II - Rules and Regulations  

Element III - Electrical and Electronic Principles   

Element IV - Amateur Radio Practice