Results of the

2022 Marcos T. Yñiguez, Jr. (DU3MY) Memorial Contest

The 2022 Marcos T. Yñiguez, Jr. (DU3MY) Memorial Contest was held as scheduled on August 20-21, 2022. The 30-hour contest was the fourth successive running of the contest. While the number of logs submitted this year was below that of the previous years, the contest remains a venue for testing our station's capabilities and improving our operating skills.


The 2022 edition saw the introduction of the 40-meter band as an operating band, which will allow QSOs beyond the line-of-sight horizon offered by the VHF and UHF bands. We are happy to report that over 30 QSOs were conducted on this band.

The contest committee also increased the QSO points for the 6-meter and 70-cm bands. The bonus points for SSB and CW QSOs were also increased to 2 points per valid QSO.

Also introduced in this year's contest was the Low-power category, in lieu of the QRP category.  


There were 60 logs submitted for the 2022 contest, including the checklogs. The analysis of these logs produced the following information:

-  Total number of QSOs: 1,358
-  Number of stations with at least one QSO: 198
-  Total number of unique prefixes: 27
-  Total number of unique zip codes: 96
-  Total number of clubs represented: 21

As with the previous contests, correctly logging QSO dates/times in UTC remain the Achilles heel of some operators. About 18% of errors identified in the analysis were related to QSO dates/times. 


     DX7HQ - Multi-Operator - All Band
     4E0N - Single-Operator - 40 Meters - High
     4I1AHA - Single-Operator - All Band - High
     DV3JG - Single-Operator - All Band - Low
     4G1NTT - Single-Operator 2 Meters - High
     4I1BNC - Single-Operator 2 Meters - Low
     DX1ART - Club Competition
     DX3L - Certificate for the Club with the most number of logs submitted 


As always, DX3H would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to all that made the 2022 Marcos T. Yñiguez, Jr. (DU3MY) Memorial Contest a success: 

   To the Yñiguez family, for their continued support for the contest;

   To Ken Wolff, K1EA, for his patience in helping us fine-tune the log checking software that we use;

   To the N1MM Logger+ Support Team, especially Les Elliot, G4OGB, for updating the UDC file for the N1MM Logger+;

   To Dei Teodoro, DW1ZCF, for providing the excellent graphics we used for the announcements.

And of course, to our participants, we say THANK YOU for your continuing support for the contest. You are a big reason why DX3H continues to strive to provide you with the best contesting experience here in DU-land. We hope to see you again in the 2023 edition of the contest. 

* * * * *

        Entries highlighted in yellow are Category Winners, and will receive a plaque (courtesy of the Yñiguez family).
        Entries highlighted in light blue are District Winners for each category.
        Certificates will be emailed to all participants who sent in their logs.
        Plaques will be sent to all Category winners via courier.